In a world that's evolving at an unprecedented pace, the Southeast Asian region faces unique challenges and opportunities. Political, social, technological, economic, and environmental changes are reshaping the landscape, posing significant challenges for its citizens. Recognizing these dynamics, Southeast Asian Countries are committed to enhancing the capacity of their human resources to sustain social and economic growth, tailored to their unique national contexts.


  • Serve as a platform for SEAMEO Centres and Network and key stakeholders to share and discuss policy research results and recommendations;
  • Determine areas for policy research collaboration to address key policy challenges and gaps; and
  • Provide capacity building and networking opportunities to CPRN summit participants.

The Role of Policy Research

Blueprints and reforms across Southeast Asia have been implemented through various programmes and activities. However, a critical gap often lies in the availability of relevant data for immediate and effective decision-making. This lack of policy research can lead to misdirected development efforts, failing to achieve the desired outcomes. It's here that the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) units, as regional think tanks, play a pivotal role. By conducting reliable and valid research that aligns with, or even leads, development trends, SEAMEO units are instrumental in driving holistic human resource development in the region

The Genesis of SEAMEO CPRN

The SEAMEO Centres Policy Research Network (CPRN) was first introduced in 2013 as part of the SEAMEO College project. Its establishment aimed to enhance the relevance and responsiveness of SEAMEO Centres and the Secretariat in addressing regional human resource development issues through policy research. The Network formally came into being in March 2016, during a workshop hosted by the Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) in the Philippines.

Milestones and Progress

Over the years, significant strides have been made in establishing the CPRN. From the SEAMEO Centre Directors' meeting in 2017, which led to the creation of the CPRN task force, to the drafting of the Terms of Reference (TOR) and the Action Plan (2018-2020), the network has steadily evolved. Notably, in January 2019, the SEAMEO CPRN Symposium was organized, marking a critical step in the network's development.

Following the 2020 pandemic, the CPRN underwent a transformation, becoming a platform dedicated to sharing policy research knowledge. It aims to facilitate discussions on the outcomes of concluded research studies and provide updates on the advancement of ongoing research projects in the fields of Education, Science, and Culture. The primary goal is to contribute to evidence-informed decision-making in these critical areas.


SEAMEO CPRN Summit 2024

SEAMEO VOCTECH is privileged to serve as the Host Centre for the SEAMEO CPRN Summit 2024, with the support of SEAMEO Secretariat and partners, such as the Ministry of Education, Brunei Darussalam and GIZ-RECOTwin. The summit will take place in Brunei Darussalam from 23 - 25 April 2024, revolving around the theme ‘Embracing Inclusivity in Education, Science and Culture Towards a Future-Ready Southeast Asia’. This year's summit maintains the same theme as the previous year’s, as addressing diversity in education, science, and culture requires considerable dedication and commitment. This summit aims to bring together a diverse group of researchers, scientists, experts, and leaders to discuss how to foster inclusivity in key sectors and prepare the region for a future-ready world.


The summit theme for this year is the same as last year considering that it requires many efforts to address inclusivity in education, science and culture. As CPRN has its focus on policy research, we expect that the presentations and discussions are based on research findings, especially those that have policy implications. The summit is set to serve as a platform encompassing keynote speeches, panel sessions, parallel sessions and poster presentations. Keynote speakers, through their experiences and insights, will establish the summit's thematic tone, focusing on the promotion of inclusivity in education, science, and culture. Panel sessions will facilitate a dialogue among academics, researchers, practitioners, SEAMEO Unit representatives, relevant Ministry officials, and partners, enabling them to share their experiences in fostering inclusivity within their respective domains. Poster presentations will highlight research initiatives contributing to inclusivity in education, science, and culture. Additionally, the summit will offer networking opportunities for participants to connect with peers who share similar interests, fostering knowledge exchange. Social events, including a welcome reception, coffee breaks, and a gala dinner, will provide informal settings for participants to engage in meaningful conversations, further building valuable networks.


Countdown to the SEAMEO CPRN Summit 2024


Be Part of the Change!

Prepare to engage in thought-provoking discussions, network with experts and leaders, and contribute to the development of impactful policies. The summit promises to be a melting pot of ideas and a beacon of inspiration for all who strive to make Southeast Asia a region where inclusivity is not just an aspiration, but a reality.