SEAMEO Centres Policy Research Network (CPRN) Summit 2024

Embracing Inclusivity in Education, Science and Culture Towards a Future-Ready Southeast Asia



23 – 25 April 2024 Balai Khazanah Islam
Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah,
Brunei Darussalam

CPRN 2024 Summit Highlights Available!

Explore the presentation slides from keynotes, plenaries, and sessions, alongside vibrant photo highlights from the summit.

About CPRN 2024 Summit

As Southeast Asia continues to develop and progress, it is crucial to ensure that everyone has access to quality education, science, and culture, regardless of their background, gender, ethnicity, or any other factors. The summit aims to bring together researchers, scientists, experts, practitioners, managers and leaders from the 26 SEAMEO Units, relevant Ministries, and partners from Southeast Asia and beyond to discuss and share ideas on how to embrace inclusivity in education, science, and culture to prepare the region for a future-ready world.


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CPRN Summit 2023

Key Highlights

  • Interactive Keynotes & Panel Discussions: Engage with our esteemed keynote speakers and panelists who will share insights and experiences in promoting inclusivity across various sectors.
  • Diverse Sub-themes: Explore strategies for equitable education, inclusive scientific research, and the preservation of cultural heritage.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with colleagues, engage in enriching discussions, and build lasting professional relationships.
  • Common Policy Research of SEAMEO Centres (Discussions on way forwards): Join this session to engage in conversations about the upcoming research direction for SEAMEO centers. This interactive discussion aims to foster the exchange of ideas surrounding key issues in each field—education, science, and culture—with the goal of generating proposed policy research titles. Participants will be organised into focused groups for each field, providing an opportunity for in-depth exploration and collaboration.
  • Poster Presentations: We invite researchers and practitioners to submit posters that highlight their efforts in advancing inclusivity within these domains. This session provides an excellent opportunity to showcase and share innovative work that contributes to fostering inclusivity in education, science, and culture.


Education - Focusing on equitable access and diversity in education.

This sub-theme focuses on promoting diversity and addressing disparities in education within Southeast Asia. It explores strategies to ensure that every individual, regardless of socio-economic background, ethnicity, gender, or disability, has access to quality education. Topics may include but not limited to, inclusive education policies, scholarships for marginalized students, and innovative teaching methodologies that cater to diverse learners.

Science - Promoting inclusive practices in STEM education and research

This sub-theme focuses on promoting diversity in STEM education through innovative teaching methods and technology integration that can empower underrepresented communities in STEM. It also highlights diversity in STEM careers through inclusive and equitable career pathways in Science.

It may cover issues like, but not limited to gender bias, workplace culture, mentorship, and initiatives to encourage more women to pursue careers in science. This sub-theme could focus on making science education and learning opportunities more accessible to individuals with disabilities. It may explore adaptive technologies, inclusive teaching methods, and strategies to remove barriers in science.

Culture - Exploring ways to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Southeast Asia.

This sub-theme explores ways to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of Southeast Asia. It explores ways to counter stereotypes and promote positive narratives that embrace inclusivity and delves into initiatives that safeguard traditional practices, languages, arts, and rituals of indigenous communities.

Keynote Speakers


Dr. Margarita Pavlova

Director, UNEVOC Centre (Hong Kong)
KS2 - Mr Haji Nazri

Mohammad Nazri Mohammad Yusof

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications, Brunei Darussalam
KS 3_ Prof. Hoon_Image

Professor Chang-Yau Hoon

Professor at the Institute of Asian Studies